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Game obu Familia - Family Senki CHAPTER LIST
  • Game obu Familia - Family Senki

    Alternative : Game of Familia -Kazoku Senki- ; ゲーム オブ ファミリア  ―家族戦記― ; 家族战纪 ; 게임 오브 패밀리어 -가족전기-
  • Author(s) : Yamaguchi mikoto
  • Status : Ongoing
  • Last updated : Aug 12, 23:30
  • TransGroup :
  • view : 556.743
  • Genre : Shounen, Adult, Ecchi, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Harem
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Game obu Familia - Family Senki:

The protagonist along with his step-mother, and 2 step-sisters(step-aunts) are summoned into another world where demi-humans are the rulers as saviors, but its not to fight against a demon lord, its to fight an Undead Apocalypse monsters called “Dead Mell“ that have overrun the world and that can only be killed by using weapons made with holy silver.