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Wolf Guy - Ookami no Monshou CHAPTER LIST

Wolf Guy - Ookami no Monshou:

Ms. Aoshika is not only divorced, but an underappreciated teacher at her job. But one drunken mishap leads her to witness firsthand the brutal assault and murder of a young man. However, after fainting, she awakens to discover that all of the assailants have been seriously wounded. And to her further surprise, the next day she discovers that not only is the young man, Akira, she met the night before alive, but he is now her new transfer student. This series is based off of a combination of the Wolf Guy manga and novel with aspects from "Adult Wolf Guy "Wolf Guy - Ookami no Monshou" is a modern adaptation of "Wolf Guy (SAKAGUCHI Hisashi)" with a more violent and mature setting.
Chapter name Time uploaded
Wolf Guy - Ookami no Monshou Chapter 50

: Bewitching Sacred Mount

Wolf Guy - Ookami no Monshou Chapter 38

: Within Smoke and Flames